Building Features

Dating back to 1911, the Millennium Centre was originally constructed as the western head office of the Canadian Bank of Commerce by one of the most prestigious architectural firms in Canada. Located at 389 Main Street, the building is one of the beautiful banks designed for Winnipeg’s historic Banker’s Row, as well as one of the most magnificent bank buildings in North America.

Built to impress and even intimidate, the spacious banking hall features 14 foot ceilings capped by a 52-foot stained glass dome and marble walls, floors, and tellers’ counters in addition to Corinthian columns around the exterior of the room. A popular wedding and reception venue, Celebration Hall, as it is now known, breathes effortless elegance and sophistication into your event.

The bank manager’s office, now known as the Tapestry Room, is equally magnificent. With a striking mahogany fireplace, a newly restored ceiling, and the original tapestry on the walls, the Tapestry Room makes the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. In addition, high backed gold leaf chairs and comfortable leather furniture make it an excellent spot for a Martini Bar, Game Room, or even just a quiet haven for a wedding couple.

After near-demolition to make space for a parking lot, the Millennium Centre was designated as a municipal heritage building in 1979 and is now owned and maintained by the 389 Main Street Heritage Corporation.